Monthly Archives: January 2014

first step

Every journey starts with the first step. Not necessarily. I have had journeys start with standing in one spot not sure where to put that first step. I stand there thinking about the journey and where it will take me. I have even marched in place looking like I am on a journey and never getting anywhere. Regardless of when the journey starts for me, I am always on a journey even when I’m standing still.

 Today this journey takes another route I’ve been planning for some time without realizing it. My daughter, Amanda loved stories when she was growing up. She was always asking someone to tell her “Once uponama time”. Soon after my Dad asked everyone to write him stories instead of buying him gifts. He wanted stories about our growing up. So for years I made up stories for Amanda and wrote stories from my memories for my Dad. Dad thinks I should write a book and my Mom thinks it should be a children’s book. Maybe later, now I want to sew, create and teach.

 Because I am a story teller, everything I sew has a story. Quilters will tell you that a quilt isn’t finished until you put a label on it. I’m with the quilters who say it’s not done until the paperwork it done. I like to document the process so I can see where I am and where the quilt is going. I can also use the documented process to help teach others how they can do it themselves. So often my finished pieces find homes so fast, I have a hard time remembering what I made or how I made it. The joy of documenting the story of each project comes from hearing others tell the story again. It is here that I will tell the stories. I will show you what I’m working on and some how-to-do-it yourself. For those who don’t sew, you will hear the stories that each piece has to tell.