Bio: I began threading needles for my Gram at age three and designed my first piece of clothing at age five. I can remember sewing late at night with a flash light tucked under my chin. I hand-turned the fly wheel on my Mom’s Singer sewing machine so she wouldn't know I was sewing after bedtime. My Mom also introduced me to quilting. She wanted a quilt but didn't know how. She asked me to help her make a Grandmother’s Flower Garden. We chose the fabric she liked without looking at the fabric content. Mom found the little octagon block in a magazine and we had to enlarge it. We made it out of cereal box cardboard. Following the vague directions in the magazine, I made several flower motifs. I learned many lessons from that first attempt which still resides in a box not finished. One lesson I learned is that I don’t have to finish every project. Some projects become lessons and examples of what not to do. This has become quite freeing. I am more willing to try something new just to see what might show up at the end.

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Thank you for taking your time to read my blog. I would love to read your comments. Did I provoke a thought you would like to share? Let me know what you think.

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