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Poked, Prodded or Challenged

I have not Blogged in almost a year. I have had people poke me to remind me of this and ask for more. I have been prodded by others who ask me why I haven’t posted what’s going on in my quilting studio (aka kitchen, dining room, living room, my daughter’s old room, the rec-room, and garage – you know all of the places you can find my stash and quilting supplies). I have been sewing, quilting, volunteering in groups that sew and quilt, and have gone back to teaching sewing and quilting. I’ve had many ideas of what to share but have not sat down to capture those brilliant moments before they disappear.

This is my niece Cassie's graduation quilt. Class of 2014. I found this in a tutorial from
This is my niece Cassie’s graduation quilt. Class of 2014. I found this in a tutorial from

Over the last couple of months a friend of mine has invited me to join her in several challenges. There have been three challenges cast out to me by her in less than a week. And each time I said “Yes”. So what’s going on in my brain that causes me to jump at a challenge and not a poke or prod? A poke is nice but not exciting. A prod makes me feel guilty and slows me down. But when I hear or see the word “challenge” the creative part of my brain gets over stimulated. This over stimulation turns off the logical part of my brain that holds my schedules and commitments. It also sends a surge of endorphins into my pleasure zone. It’s not until after I have committed and the endorphins have lost their spark, when the logical part of my brain kicks in. I have other commitments on the calendar, and now my integrity is at issue. My creative side will justify my “yes” to my logical side and I have to get creative with my time and schedules so every promise is met.

Prairie Point Summit Sample for a class I'm teaching.
Prairie Point Summit Sample for a class I’m teaching.

I have been challenging myself to post more on Facebook, real posts not just commenting on someone else’s posts. I’m better at reposting a post I find amusing. I am a member of several groups on Facebook and I post there from time to time. If I want others to know what I’m up to in my life I share with them face to face or over the phone. Social media feels like shouting into the wind.

"Flight" HST Challenge for my Quilt Guild.
“Flight” HST Challenge for my Quilt Guild.

Now that this has been said I am declaring a new challenge. I challenge myself to posting real stuff in my blog and on Facebook at least once per month. My creative and logical sides are in agreement. “Yes”.